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Tidngs of Explicit Comfort, Feasible Joy ...

"Then for another moment it seems that all the Christmas bells in the creation are about to join in chorus-that all their random pealing will be, this one time, coordinated, in harmony, present with tidings of explicit comfort, feasible joy." (GR, Pt. I,. p. 70)


Also ...

"Snow-Balls have flown their Arcs, starr'd the sides of Outbuildings, as of Cousins, carried Hats away into the brisk Wind off Delaware,-- the Sleds are brought in and their Runners carefully dried and greased, shoes deposited in the back Hall, a stocking'd-foot Descent made upon the great Kitchen, in a purposeful Dither since Morning, punctuated by the ringing Lids of Boilers and Stewing-Pots, fragrant with Pie-Spices, peel'd Fruits, Suet, heated Sugar,-- the Children, having all upon the Fly, among rhythmic slaps of Batter and Spoon, coax'd and stolen what they might, proceed, as upon each afternoon all this snowy December, to a comfortable Room at the rear of the House, years since given over to their carefree Assaults...." (M&D, Ch. 1, p. 5)



And in memoriam ...


God bless us all, everyone ...
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